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To develop a one-page website on Tilda for selling consultations on diagnosis of body symmetry
Website for a coach and creator of a method for restoring body symmetry
The project was included among the top website designs made on Tilda Publishing.
project overview
Natalia Sokolova, a trainer and creator of the body symmetry restoration method, has developed an online project called "Diagnostics of Athlete's Body Symmetry." This project aims to aid athletes in improving performance, identifying pain sources, and minimizing injury risks by evaluating their body's current condition. Specialized software is utilized to generate a detailed 3D model of the human body, accurately measuring body parameters to the hundredth of a degree.
I use modularity to break large amounts of text into smaller, clear paragraphs. This was crucial for the project because the subject is intricate and unfamiliar to the audience. This approach helps me simplify and organize the information effectively.
We first talk about the topic of the product, and then about the product itself. Sequentially close questions about its necessity for the customer, customer results, benefits, and expertise.

To make content-heavy sections more digestible, I incorporate large graphics and animations. This approach helps users relax and better absorb the information at their own pace.
Client's requests:

  • ensure that both young and adult athletes relate to the graphics
  • establish a connection with skin and natural elements.
  • include references to nature and scientific aspects.
  • incorporate the signature colors from the logo.
laws of nature
first concept
second concept
I find inspiration in nature and science. To reflect this, I include the color green and incorporate a butterfly, symbolizing symmetry and lightness in nature. To compensate for the absence of photos on the initial screen, I utilize dynamic text arrangement and incorporate straightforward graphics with animation to convey the concept of symmetry.
The focus is on the human body. I create an innovative lab vibe while using a color palette that feels "close to the body." Hand-drawn lines and an airy feel soften the message. Using simple round shapes symbolizes symmetry in both science and nature, aiding in conveying the text's ideas.
The client chose the second concept. We decide to order a 3D illustration to make the first screen more spectacular.
I design an entire page layout according to the second concept, drawing adaptive versions and planning animations. Then, I pass the project to the layout designer and oversee the development process using Tilda.
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